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Factory Reconditioned


What does Factory Reconditioned mean?

What does Factory Reconditioned mean?

At Pacific Power Tools our reconditioned tools come to us direct from the manufacturer. The tools have been sent back to the manufacturer for reasons like defects, malfunctions, or customer returns. These tools undergo a comprehensive inspection, repair, and testing process executed by the manufacturer. The objective of the reconditioning process is to restore the product to a state that is virtually indistinguishable from new, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the manufacturer's stringent specifications and quality standards.

Why Buy Factory Reconditioned?

Pacific Power Tools is a proud supplier of Certified Factory Recondition Tools.  These tools perform like new, giving you peace of mind in your purchase and confidence in your savings.

Buying Factory Reconditioned Tools is a great way for you to save money and still get the brands and quality you know and love.  

Can you spot the difference?

Can you spot the difference?

One of these Makita XPH12 models is brand new, and the other is Factory Reconditioned. Can you tell which is which?

Discover how our reconditioned tools match up to their brand-new counterparts, proving quality doesn't always have to come at a premium.

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